Vocational and Organizational Fit (VOF) Research Group

Person-vocation/occupation/job/organization fit (let’s call it person-work fit) and quality of work life are essential to our well-being. In the VOF Lab we acknowledge that seeds of person-work fit are sown at an early stage of adulthood as we make vocational choices and the emphasis on fit continues throughout our work life. We conduct research to identify best practices related to improving vocational guidance, employee selection and development, and well-being at work, with a particular focus on “fit”. Our research themes are:

  • Improving vocational interest assessments by incorporating occupational complexity levels
  • Gender differences in vocational interests and outcomes
  • Relative importance of cognitive abilities, knowledge and personality in academic and work performance
  • Personality and its assessment in recruitment, selection, and fit
  • Implicit personality assessment development and validation
  • Understanding workplace mistreatment (sexual harassment, gender discrimination, abusive supervision, incivility, mobbing) from a cultural perspective and developing interventions

Our lab members conduct research as part of funded projects, Master’s theses, Doctoral dissertations, supervised research, and also voluntary research. For more information, follow our pages on members, projects, publications, and theses.

Associate Prof. Dr. Yonca Toker Gültaş